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  1. Thank you for your efforts.If you find a solution in the future, please contact me. If you know how to specify the month and year, please let me know.
  2. @tuanphan Thank you! Great!! Sunday in the first week was changed.   However, my way of communicating was bad. I'm sorry. Do you have a solution if there is no Sunday in the first week and the second Sunday is the first Sunday of the month? I want to change the color only on the first Sunday in the month.   Thank you for your consideration.
  3. @tuanphan Thank u. However, it could not be solved. Is the description incorrect? .yui3-squarespacecalendar .sunday:first-child{ color: #ffffff !important; background: #b3b3b3 !important; }
  4. @tuanphan Thank you for answering. It ’s still a test site,please check. https://hoshizumi.squarespace.com/reserver
  5. Hi there,   I am considering building a website using the Sonora design template.Currently, there is one point of difficulty, and I will post here if you can lend me your wisdom to solve it.   Calendar customization that changes color only on the first Sunday of the month.Currently, all Sunday colors of the month are supported by the following description, but I want to change the color only for the first week. .yui3-squarespacecalendar .sunday{ color: #ffffff !important; background: #b3b3b3 !important; } I hope that you will answer.   Thank you.
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