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  1. I like how my site looks on desktop, iPad Pro, and how it adapts to a mobile, but when I try it out with the tablet view some of my pages become a mess. In my case, this happens because Card Block Images automatically align the text bellow the picture instead of on the side due to the screen size, which works well for mobile but not on a tablet. I believe it would be easier just to disable Mobile Styles on tablets, rather than changing the size of each picture. ¿Do any of you guys know how to do that? I am open to any suggestions. I would really appreciate your help. :) My site is transpp.mx and the page I'm having the most trouble with is https://transpp.mx/transporte
  2. I tried this on the Custom CSS section on the Design menu : .sqs-mobile-info-bar{ height: 70px; } .sqs-mobile-info-bar-trigger-icon{ width : 30px !important; height: 30px !important; } It seemed to work with the icons but I still could not figure out how to change the font size. I guess it has something to do with: .sqs-mobile-info-bar-trigger-lable I would also appreciate some help :) My site is transpp.mx
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