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  1. @tuanphan I'm having an issue with the product galleries on this site: https://www.amacmotorcycles.com/shop-all/aspendale-womens-motorcycle-jacket The Product Gallery doesn't align correctly on the Product details page (see screenshot). Additionally, in the Product Gallery, products appear with a grey background, even when on white. I've set the Product Background colour as white in Site Styles. Note- in the screen shot below, the 1st product image has a white background, the others are on grey (i'm yet to remove the background). But you can see that a grey background has been applied to the products by this example also: https://www.amacmotorcycles.com/shop-all/metzeler-racetec-rr You've helped before. Hope you can point me the right direction again! Thanks
  2. Fellow Forum members, could you please help? On the homepage of this site https://www.amacmotorcycles.com/ I am trying to force the Index Gallery slide meta description to show on mobile. At present, only the slide meta content title displays. scroll down to: yui_3_17_2_1_15739990627838_448 my css attempt: @media (max-width : 640px) { .collection-type-index.design-slideshow .index-gallery .slide-meta .description { display: show; } } I tried adding !important; --no effect. Even if I enable the meta toggle in Site Styles, the description text does not display on mobile (however it does display on tablet and desktop sizes) when toggled on/off. Thanks for your help.
  3. This solution is GOLD! Thank you Colin.Irwin
  4. Lol. @tuanphan you are a legend, thanks for taking the time to point this out. It was doing my head in! I don't think I've got the .summary-title css right yet but the color fix is done.
  5. I'd love some help with this one. A customer is experimenting with colour backgrounds for select pages and I need to change the font colour in this one page only: https://www.leadingedgedc.com/solutions-for-your-business Until they decide on their alternate block colours, I'm using this Custom CSS: /* COLOUR BACKGROUND FOR SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS */ #solutions-for-your-business { background-color: #1e3267; border-style: solid; border-color: #d7cbd7; border-width: 2px; h2{ color: white; } p { colour: white; } .summary-title { colour: white } } In the editor view, the background and H2 colours are appearing as per custom CSS, but the paragraph and Summary title text remain black instead of white. When I check the published page, none of the custom colours are showing. Have I got the CSS wrong? Appreciate the help.
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