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  1. Thanks Paul, managed to make it smaller
  2. Using the Harris Template, the logo I have placed on my footer appears far too large on mobile. I am looking for a solution in order to make it smaller, as it is on the laptop and tablet view. Thanks.
  3. Currently using the Harris template for my website. I'm trying to figure out what code to use in order to edit the logo size for mobile. Right now, when the site is accessed on mobile or a smaller tablet from a vertical view, the logo is displayed as ridiculosuly small. As a result, I'm trying to edit the size of the logo. Attached is an image of the logo on mobilelandd.com
  4. I recently started to create a squarespace website for the first time. Using code combined from other answers, I was able to get the desired setting for my footer, navy background with white writing for both headings and normal text. Yet, when I click off of the CSS tab, and refresh the page ior switch the page, the CSS hasn't been applied. Attached are the images of my code and footer with the CSS temporarily applied. Admittedly, I am a newbie to coding and I learned 2 presidencies ago. Thanks in advance!
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