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  1. It keeps showing a gray background, but i want the main navigation choices to blend with the banner
  2. I'm fine with Fulton, the only thing that I need help changing is the tabs. I want to be able to hover over a title and then the sections show like in Hyde (shown in picture below). And I love how I'm able to section the products I have, like the second pic (All,bag) Instabeautyus.comNineWest
  3. I am currently using Fulton for my website. I want to keep the homepage I have with Fulton, and use Hyde for everything else I do on the website.
  4. Thank you so much! Is there a way that I could do it for the nested tabs (for example, "hair care products")
  5. I want to make them distinct when pressed. For example if "Shop" was touched (not necessarcily clicked on), I would want it to turn yellow. Instabeautyus.com
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