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  1. Thanks so much for the explanation! I always love to learn the ins and outs and understand why things work the way they do. Much appreciated!
  2. Yes! Thank you so much @tuanphan! Such a simple fix, worked like a charm. It's still interesting to me why I was getting two different outcomes with the same class, but that's another issue for another day I suppose. All that matters is that it is now fixed. I so appreciate your help!
  3. In order to use Font Awesome and some embded forms/widgets, I placed most of my content in custom code blocks on my Contact page. For some reason, links in custom code blocks don't inherit link styling (which is something I noticed a lot of other users saying, and something Squarespace should really look into) so I was forced to apply even more custom code to correct this. All is well except for the first link ... It's bold and shouldn't be. My custom CSS class calls for the font style to be normal. The other links using this class are displaying just fine, so it's making me a little crazy th
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