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  1. Site URL: https://www.digitalmediabox.com/ I've set my Products page as the Home Page, and would like to change the two column layout to four. Thanks in advance for any assistance, dmb
  2. I've had only one reply, so I'm not sure if I accidentally stopped the thread...please see the question with the title of "Style File Request Pro Form" for the original question for reference. I believe my problem is that the third party File Request Pro has a Style Sheet that sets their form to a transparent background, so I am unable to get it to have a white background. Is their a method for over-riding a third party Style Sheet in our SquareSpace site?
  3. I have updated my CSS to this: upload-section { background-color: #57bb63;}.dropzone { background: #fff !important;}div#dropzone { background-color: #fff !important;}form#dropzone-form { background-color: #fff !important;} But it still does not work, I believe it's the Style Sheet's use of 'Transparent' for the form / div background and I do not know how to over-ride it.
  4. Thank you tuanphan, but this did not work: upload-section { background-color: #57bb63;} form#dropzone-form { background: #fff;}
  5. I have added a File Request Form here: https://www.digitalmediabox.com (select Upload from Menu) and have added a background color to the section. I need to have the form background white. My Custom CSS does not seem to work: upload-section { background-color: #57bb63;} dropzone { background-color: #fff;} Thanks in advance for your assistance.dmbox
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