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  1. Thank you mdhanjal you came through for me! :) Happy Thursday or maybe Friday where you are!
  2. I just did. I am very new to this. I am trying to wrap up this box shadow issue on this site though the first code did not adjust the white text in the body of the Gallery page, the Contact Us page or the home page. www.southsideblooms.com The first code made the home page text too large so I changed the size and it went away. Can you please help me with one more and get the main text on these pages to be shadow as well. The header is now.
  3. Thank you very much for your time and expertise!
  4. Awesome Thank you! This doesn't look like it is including the header in the shadow on the webpage. Can you confirm the navigation text is included as well? www.southsideblooms.com
  5. Thank you. www.southsideblooms.com on brine template.
  6. Hello I need a drop shadow CSS for all of the white text across the entire site. I have found ones for header only and all text, including black text. I need one just for the white text, though all of it. thank you!
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