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  1. I cant send I link because it is not live yet. The above photo shows where I am stuck. I cant get images to have a uniform width. It looks worse on my cell phone. 😕
  2. I am using the Jones template. When I insert images in place of the template's images they dont display in an uniform width. What width in pixels should my images be to look uniform in the Jones template?
  3. I am of familiar with building a site from scratch. This is the first time with a template. Any help is appreciated. :)
  4. I am starting to build my second site on Squarespace and am using the "Jones" template. I do everything including resizing my image. Why is it so enlarged? How do I make it appear normal? The dimensions were changed to 286 x 1000 pixels wide and as you can see it is too large. Also attached is the image that I want to have as the banner.
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