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  1. @Bearfaced_Studio Without finding an integration tool and using just SS, I am not sure of an easy way to do this that wouldn't be too taxing. However, one workaround is to create a private page/folder for each client. You/the client could make a hidden page, provide the client a password, and make all updates on their private page(s). I would set up a private folder and add all the subpages necessary in it, provide the higher URL to the customer, and ensure they have a password to the hidden folder. If the customer only has a dozen or so clients at any given time, it may not be so bad, but if they have a lot of clients, this approach would likely not be practical.
  2. @Skell70 Yes you can integrate Salesforce with SS. On the Salesforce side, they have an integration package just for SS, but it can be a little cumbersome. For my clients that want Salesforce integration, I use Zapier to make it simple. Here is a direct link
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