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  1. TUAN. YOU ARE THE MAN. This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm not sure why .class-name:last-child didn't work, but first-child did.So I just had to reorder the social accounts in my settings and it worked! Thanks so much for the help.
  2. I've already connected my social account. My question is how do I change the target location of one the connected links on a separate page, I assume using code? Sort of like how there are many questions from people asking how to change the link location when click the site logo.
  3. It's still under construction, but I'd be happy to DM you, if you think you could help. Thanks.
  4. I have some code on my site that hides certain social icons in the social links block on some pages, for example .icon-wrapper.vimeo, .twitter-unauth { display: none !important; } That hides the twitter and vimeo icons on certain pages. However I have 2 Instagram accounts connected to the social blocks, but I can't hide just one of them using the same method, as .instagram-unauth would end up hiding both Instagram icons as they are the same class. Is there a code, or method that I can target just one of the icons to hide?
  5. I'm using the social block across my site, but have made a personal 'about me' cover page. On the cover page I would also like to use the social blocks, but change the instagram link to another location than the one that is connected on my site. Could some help provide me with the code injection for this, please?
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