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  1. Thanks so much, alexbusk!! :D Both for the compliment and the code - it worked first time. Also didn't realise I could use jQuery, but it seems obvious now! For some reason I've been using full javascript, which I'm not great at XD Is there any reason I might not want to mix both - or favour one over the other?
  2. I'm using a custom Squarespace template. I have a blog list, and it's gone over onto two pages (I'd rather it didn't, but there seems to be no option to have it all on one page with the default template). I'd like the latest entry to read "new" on the thumbnail, and I've made some CSS that works, but the problem is that it targets the top left article on both the first and the second page of blog entries (one of which is definitely not new). I can see no CSS classes in the body or elsewhere that allow me to exclude either page of the blog list from my code. Am I missing something? Or are the
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