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  1. Reference our site:https://www.northerna1mi.com/for-sale I'm using Avenue template Gallery pages linked from an Index so that it's easy for the client to update their Equipment for Sale listings a few times a week. The client doesn't like the long list of images, and wants to replace it with a slideshow -- but this isn't possible in Avenue. None of the work arounds are appealing: • I don't want to use a different template. • Using Gallery Blocks or anything other than simple Gallery page updates will be too difficult for the client to maintain on their own. • I don't see any pre-written code I can plug in to make the list-of-images -> to -> slideshow change needed. I'm interested in finding someone who can write custom code so we can keep things the same but make the images on the Gallery Pages appear in a slideshow format. Possible? Ballpark cost? Thanks!
  2. Working on this page, and we'd like to auto fill the COUNTRY field with USA because none of our customers live anywhere else. https://www.americanwastemi.com/paperless I have reviewed all other posts on this topic, and have inserted all suggested code to either autofill, hide, or autofill and hide the country field in Design -> Custom CSS. The code below almost works, but it throws this error:Your form has encountered a problem. Please scroll down to review.Service Address is missing required subfields: Country Can anyone help? It seems that a lot of people have this problem, but the solutions that work are from 2017 and predate Squarespace's form verification updates. <script> Y.on("domready", function(){ Y.all('input[name="country"]').setAttribute("value", "US"); }); </script> <style> .field.country { display: none; } </style>
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