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  1. My home page is www.stonepierpress.org, and right now we have a promotional pop-up that asks people to subscribe to our newsletter when they arrive on the site. They can close out of the pop-up, but I was wondering if it was possible to change that so they can only minimize the pop-up and it becomes almost like a small chat bar in the lower right-hand corner? Hard to describe but like a minimized page that it is in the bottom right when they navigate the rest of the website, so they can change their mind and subscribe. Thanks!
  2. The home page is www.stonepierpress.org. I was asked to change the color of the background between the 2nd and 3rd lines -- where it has three photos (Environment Prize, News Fellows, Eating and Growing Good Food) -- to tint it slightly. Is it possible to change the background color slightly just between those two lines in that section? Thanks!
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