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  1. Amazing! @tuanphan If I have a specific color code / shade of color, how do I load that in this Custom CSS? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://aaronredfieldnew.squarespace.com/ pw: chickenwings I am trying to change the words "Collaborations" to a yellow and "About" to a brown -- but it looks like links all stay the same. Can you separate the main color per font size change these to be multiple colors? Also, I want to change the paragraph spacing to make the words closer to each other on this home page? Thanks! @bangank36 ?
  3. Also, this is what I see on my phone screen. Do you know how I can fix this as well since it is not quite center? @tuanphan
  4. Amazing, thanks @tuanphan! Is there something I need to add for the mobile navigation hamburger in top right on mobile view go away as well? Thanks!
  5. Just checking in here in case anyone knows what I might be able to do.
  6. Site URL: https://aaronredfieldnew.squarespace.com Hi! I am looking for a way to center justify the site title "Aaron Redfield" vs. having it in upper left. (pw for site is: chickenwings) If so, I will remove the HOME and CONTACT pages. If possible only on desktop and not mobile, that is fine too. Maybe @bangank36 might have an idea or two? Thanks!
  7. You are truly amazing. Thanks for your help and quick replies. You are what makes this ecosystem amazing.

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