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  1. Ok thanks for your help @tuanphan, I appreciate you taking the time. Unfortunately it hasn't solved it - the site is still requesting Cormorant and Rubik typefaces from Google Fonts
  2. @tuanphan No I know its not in main navigation - but somewhere on the site the CSS is requesting the fonts Arial, Cormorant and Rubik, to be used in Vietnamese, Cyrillic, Latin etc.
  3. @tuanphan Yeah its: https://oliverjwoods.com and I want to remove the fonts Arial, Cormorant and Rubik. They only seem to be used in Vietnamese, Cyrillic, Latin etc. but I don't know how to change that... Thanks for any advice!
  4. I'm trying to minimise my fonts to one font (Montserrat) in two weights. I've changed all of the options I can find - but the font menu still says: Font on site: ArialCormorantMontserratRubik And when I check (by searching my CSS code in Safari Developer menu) they do seem to be there. How can I remove the 3 fonts I don't need? Thanks....
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