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  1. I used a Calendar block on an Index page and the banner image is showing through the faint grey of the calendar days. I'd like to make each day opaque black. Tried a few codes, but can't get anything to work... mikemorrisonministries.squarespace.com password: 3076852272 And the event blocks just go blank on mobile... anyone seen anything like this? The event thumbnails disappear.
  2. I'm not the best at CSS but this is the background-mage code I know... what did I miss? pay invoice { background: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5bfe0f7e3917eebf75a97baa/t/5de8507d0036db4b01b4f9ad/1575506045905/LP_PayRetainer_NO_AMEX_Simple_White.png); }
  3. I'm trying to put 2 button images into the secondary navigation as links to external sites. I know how to add images into Custom CSS Editor and use them in code blocks, however, it's not working in the navigation. I already have code injection for a sticky Primary Navigation. Is that code stopping me from other codes? I'm fairly new to coding so any help is appreciated. Site is: https://www.lubnaulaw.com
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