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  1. hi @tuanphan! thanks for the link. I guess just knowing that it's common and maybe not such a big deal is what I needed. Unlike in that guide, clicking fix on each error does not fix it. "Cannot continue validation process. Affected pages were found. Fix the issue and run validation again". I don't really get why because half of these pages are simply the link to a photo gallery. So there is nothing besides header, footer, and the brine template gallery
  2. Site URL: http://rossjames.net Google search console team shows that many of my pages have "mobile usability issues" from "content that is wider than the screen". These errors show for two of my index pages, a couple photo galleries, and several blog posts. I thought that squarespace with the brine template takes care of being responsive to mobile size. Why is google saying I have all these errors?
  3. Is this up on your blog? I can't seem to find it but I might not be looking in the right place
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