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  1. @joepsnell I am aware that this is from quite awhile ago, but I've tried this and it shows the button in the correct place but the button isn't a link to anything and the hover doesn't work. Here is my code inside a Markdown Block and Custom CSS <div class="show-hide"> <input type="checkbox" class="read-more-state" id="visible" /> <div class="read-more-wrap"> <p> When it comes to Social Media Marketing for their businesses, many people feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed, or that they are missing out. At KnoxMedia we help companies build their brand and sell more stuff through ENGAGING Social Media Marketing. </p> <p> The human brain pays attention to information that helps it survive and thrive. If your content on Social Media and beyond doesn't provide your audience that value, you've become white noise. </p> <div class="read-more-target"> <p> Because businesses are so close to their products and services, it can be especially challenging to create content that your audience understands and wants to engage with. </p> <p> If that wasn’t difficult enough, there is also the rapidly changing digital landscape of algorithms, updates, and progressively shorter attention spans. Business leaders: don't be dismayed because we care about your business and want to help you enjoy consistent, predictable, and scalable growth. </p> <p> Unlike hiring a team in-house, we must habitually help you build your brand and sell more stuff so that we keep you as a client at the end of each short term agreement. We've got all the best content creators, designers, marketers, and social media experts in place which enable you to scale A-La-Cart. </p> <p> Our founder, Evan Knox, started our company with the deep conviction that no great business should have lousy content. From Social Media, websites, and everything in between we produce Marketing that works. If you're an entrepreneur or small business, you'll have a reduced workload and increased peace of mind. You'll be so proud of your brand's social media that you'll be showing it to all your friends. If you're a Medium or Large business, you'll be able to lower your fixed overhead and improve your marketing ROI. </p> <p> Be wary of having the wrong people producing your content as it may be damaging to your brand and wasting precious marketing resources. Your competition loves finding you under those circumstances. </p> <p> What makes us uniquely different is that we are one of the few agencies who let you, metaphorically, go on a date with us before any long-term commitment. We call it our "Love it or Leave us Guarantee." It's up to you do decide after the first month if we're a good fit for a short 6-month commitment. </p> <p> Get a quote today that fits your budget and goals and enjoy marketing that works! </p> </div> </div> <label for="visible" class="read-more-trigger"></label> </div> and the CSS: .read-more-state { display: none; } .read-more-target { opacity: 0; max-height: 0; font-size: 0; } .read-more-state:checked ~ .read-more-wrap .read-more-target { opacity: 1; font-size: inherit; max-height: 999em; } .read-more-state ~ .read-more-trigger:before { content: 'Read More'; } .read-more-state:checked ~ .read-more-trigger:before { content: 'Read Less'; } .read-more-trigger { cursor: pointer; display: inline-block; padding: 0 .5em; color: #666; font-size: .9em; line-height: 2; border: 1px solid #ddd; border-radius: .25em; } .read-more-trigger:hover { background:#666; color:white; } Thank you for any help! :)
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