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  1. Hello! Thanks for helping - Here's what I've added: Please remember that all drinks should be ordered prior to your visit. If you would like to place a drinks order, you can do so by <a href=” https://www.olddairykitchen.co.uk/picnic-farm-lunches/picnic-drinks ” > CLICKING HERE</a> and we will add them to your booking. Or visit www.olddairykitchen.co.uk/picnic-farm-lunches/picnic-drinks <BR><BR> <p> Our <a href=” https://www.olddairykitchen.co.uk/pantry ” >PANTRY SELECTION</a> offers meals, preserves, focaccia and treats to take away. Orders placed can be collected alongside your Picnic Farm Lunch - please make a note of this when ordering. Visit: www.olddairykitchen.co.uk/pantry </p>
  2. I've added some HTML to my customer notification email, but the hyperlink I've added just isn't working. The link text is underlined and there's a finger on the hover in preview, but when I run a test email, the link leads to "vn--ivg" and not my website... I can't work it out...
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