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  1. I would like to create a page, preferably using an Events template, to create a Team Member page. We are a business that contracts jobs out to people so would like for them to be able to privately see the page (easy to do with a common password) but also receive notifications when the page updates (apparently this capability existed using Audiences and Members in SS5 but is gone now?). I thought about using RSS but I don't believe it can find password-protected pages (and seems to be a much more convoluted way to pull this off since I deal with a few folks who are not so tech-savvy). Any ideas? Using member pay services is not the way to go as I've seen in many answers since we do not charge contractors to fulfill the jobs. I also want to ensure it's not visible to search engines, which I believe is accomplished by turning on "hide all pages from search engines" on the SEO tab within Events.
  2. I'm using this successfully; however, I now seem to have a larger pad between the bottom edge of the text and the next section. I've been reading through cheat sheets to see how I can modify various lines of code but am not having luck. Any help anyone who can provide an answer to this problem would be appreciated. The buffer is present on all sections except the About Us page. Our website is here : https://my-pets-friend.com.
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