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  1. [uPDATE] I received the following from tech support, and, I must say, in a really timely manner. Thought it might be helpful to others: Thanks so much for the detailed information about the behavior you’ve encountered. After some investigation, I can confirm that this is due to an issue with how Google's Adnsense code is displaying on our end. As an alternative to removing and re-adding the code, I'd recommend looking into Safe Mode - you can add /safe to the end of the url in your browser bar (so, after your built-in domain and /config). This will trigger safe mode, and you should be able to view the site without the code appearing. I've made a record of this for my Engineering and Design teams to review. Please keep in mind that there are many moving parts and variables that we need to address before we roll out a solution. We thoroughly test all fixes before they’re released to ensure they don’t affect other Squarespace components or customers.
  2. Thanks for the response. I figured there would be more folks to have the issue, it would be widely reported and, if a bug, would be corrected. After a week I figured I reach out. The thing is, I'm a cut and paster person, so the code is coming directly from Google, which I assume is up to date and spot on. Is that an optimistic assumption? I can work around the issue by deleting the block, complete my editing chores, add the block and code back (fresh from Adsense) and go on my way. Was hoping for an actual fix. (Talk about first world problems, eh?)
  3. I have had for a couple of years Google Ad code in my sidebar. Starting last week, when I enter my account to edit my site, the 'canvas' is truncated (screenshot attached). Troubleshooting revealed that the Google code is the culprit. Remove the code, things are normal. Insert the code, truncated. I experimented with the very few other codes present (all from vendors and none customized by me) and they have no impact. I have the latest code from Google. I've reported this as a possible but to tech support but wonder if anyone else has experience this. BTW, the ad shows perfectly on the consumer side of my site and is functioning as designed.
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