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    garethkthomas got a reaction from ronii in Any/All Feedback Much Appreciated :D   
    Hi @TrentNader,
    I've just had a quick look at your website. Hope the following feedback is useful.
    I was waiting for a background image to load on the top part of the homepage. Should there be something there?
    The three options below the header ('Find your dream home', etc.) are a good idea for allowing people to flow through the website. I would suggest changing the images to be more clear (or dropping them entirely). And I would add clear call to action (CTA) buttons/links below each section too.
    Lastly, I wonder if the main navigation options could be condensed? By providing fewer options you allow people to flow through the site with more ease.
    Hope that helps - Gareth 
  2. Thanks
    garethkthomas got a reaction from sinjinhilaski in Feedback on Client Site   
    Hi @sinjinhilaski,
    I've just had a quick look at your website. Looks good!
    I'm getting a few pop-ups (mailing list sign-up, recently purchased data, a flashing 'free shipping' banner). All these things can work, but put together and as soon as you land on a site, it can feel a little overwhelming. It may reduce interaction/trust, increase frustration, and cause issues with bounce rates.
    I love what you've said about the colour scheme, and I think that sets out a nice USP for the brand. However, that doesn't seem to be clearly represented on the homepage. I would try to convey that message using great photography.
    I would also try to reduce down the number of calls to action (CTA) on the homepage. There's currently 'Shop Now!', 'Read more', 'Talk to us!', and a newsletter sign-up form). Pick one clear CTA for the homepage and make sure everything else reinforces that action.
    Hope that helps - Gareth 
  3. Like
    garethkthomas got a reaction from KBC55 in My website picture doesn't show in my LinkedIn Profile   
    Hi @KBC55,
    I would try running the link through the LinkedIn Post Inspector and seeing what comes up there.
    Hope that helps - Gareth 
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