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  1. Amazing, that works better than I expected. Looking at the code... I would've had no chance of figuring that one out. Really appreciate your help @rwp. 🙌
  2. https://lychee-dragonfly-3dts.squarespace.com/news/there-will-be-no-miracles-here Password is just: promont
  3. Amazing, thank you @rwp. Works perfectly for all pages apart from the blog posts: I was thinking of doing something to override the CSS on blog posts only... #header { background-color: #231f45; } Can't seem to find a way to make that apply to blog posts though? Thank you – Gareth
  4. Hello, Hoping someone can help me with a website build I'm working on. I have some working custom CSS code: section[data-section-id="5e8ee9f70ac4ea59df0ec51f"] .section-background { background-color: #231f45; background-image: url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e8ee8871b56fa68d7df7b4b/t/5f0f53c91a35720fae014234/1594840010004/2.png"), linear-gradient(#231f45,#231f45,#231f45,#8d4755); background-size: 100%, cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right top; background-size: contain, cover; } It does what I want it to (produce a gradient background for the top section of a page): However, I would like this gradient to appear in the top section on every page of the website. Is it possible to achieve this without getting every data-section-id for each page? The site isn't big, but I would like it to work well for any new pages the client adds (mainly blog posts) without them having to edit the CSS each time. I've been searching for a couple of hours now (I like to fix things myself if I can) with no luck. Many thanks – Gareth
  5. Thanks Trent. I was on the page for a couple of minutes and nothing loaded, so I'm guessing there was a fault.
  6. Hi @RandyK9, If you're building quite a complex form, I would consider going with a specific form building tool. Formstack has a Squarespace integration that is worth looking into. Typeform is another popular option, and there's info on how to embed into Squarespace here. If the form is quite lengthy/complex, I would consider doing something with multiple pages/stages, in order to help users progress through the form. Hope that helps - Gareth
  7. Hi @TrentNader, I've just had a quick look at your website. Hope the following feedback is useful. I was waiting for a background image to load on the top part of the homepage. Should there be something there? The three options below the header ('Find your dream home', etc.) are a good idea for allowing people to flow through the website. I would suggest changing the images to be more clear (or dropping them entirely). And I would add clear call to action (CTA) buttons/links below each section too. Lastly, I wonder if the main navigation options could be condensed? By providing fewer options you allow people to flow through the site with more ease. Hope that helps - Gareth
  8. Hi @ozzyfan123, Your website looks good. I like the clear message. I quickly understood what it is you do. From a conversion perspective, I would suggest making your CTA (call to action) more clear. What do you really want people to do when they land on your homepage? I like the idea of joining your closed Facebook Group, and that's currently buried in your footer. Perhaps that could be the primary (or supporting) CTA? The testimonials are a great idea. I would make the photos smaller and the style consistent, and then emphasise the actual quote. So what people say should be the biggest thing, and then the photos and names/roles should support the quote to prove authenticity. It feels like there are a few too many options in the main navigation. I would condense that down, and order them in a logical way to correspond with how people flow through your website (e.g. find out about you --> understand what you do --> get something free from you --> work with you). Hope that helps - Gareth
  9. Hi @sinjinhilaski, I've just had a quick look at your website. Looks good! I'm getting a few pop-ups (mailing list sign-up, recently purchased data, a flashing 'free shipping' banner). All these things can work, but put together and as soon as you land on a site, it can feel a little overwhelming. It may reduce interaction/trust, increase frustration, and cause issues with bounce rates. I love what you've said about the colour scheme, and I think that sets out a nice USP for the brand. However, that doesn't seem to be clearly represented on the homepage. I would try to convey that message using great photography. I would also try to reduce down the number of calls to action (CTA) on the homepage. There's currently 'Shop Now!', 'Read more', 'Talk to us!', and a newsletter sign-up form). Pick one clear CTA for the homepage and make sure everything else reinforces that action. Hope that helps - Gareth
  10. Hi @beardedcustompcs, I like the look of your website. The personalised graphic adds a really nice touch, and ties in nicely with your overall brand. It mostly just looks like a holding page for now. Are you planning on adding more once the site is live? All the best - Gareth
  11. Hi @KBC55, I would try running the link through the LinkedIn Post Inspector and seeing what comes up there. Hope that helps - Gareth
  12. Hi @MarieMF, Where has the new landing page been built? And when it goes live, will the rest of the site go offline? All the best - Gareth
  13. Hi @livholt1, Could you explain a little more about the process here? A simple way to do this would be to password protect a specific part of your website, and then send the code to anyone that leaves a Facebook review. However, it would be good to know more about the specific steps you would be following to help understand what's happening. All the best - Gareth
  14. Hi Nat, I've just had a quick look at your website. The logo is appearing very large to me, and it's pushing the rest of the content (including the main navigation) about halfway down the page. When I land on your site I'm not immediately sure what it is you do. Attention spans are so short online, and you only have a tiny amount of time to capture people's interest. I tend to work on the basis that it needs to be unbelievably obvious what a website does in order to make it work. I had a quick look at your Instagram page. I would do some work on increasing followers there, as that would be a good social signal that your store is genuine and popular. I really love the photography of the kids on there and would love to see more of that on your store. Hope that helps - Gareth
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