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  1. Perfect! Thank you so much! I tried a variation of all of those, I wasn't out by much.
  2. I appreciate your help. I would prefer to share just the CSS. This is a passworded client site.
  3. I am having some issues with making the navigation go full width. Any help would be most appreciated. In Design>Styles I have set branding position to Top Center and Primary Nav Position to Bottom Center. Also, I have a secondary navigation button that is set to Bottom Right. All navigation tabs are where they should be, however the background color that I have set to white is not going to the left side of the primary navigation. See attached screenshot. Here is my CSS code for the background color:/* primary nav bkgd colour */.Header-nav { width: 100%; height: 50px; background-c
  4. @lisa_zagari I am wondering if you could show me some adjustments for mobile. My indicators are on top of the text at 480px. Thanks in advance!
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