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  1. I have done websites in 7.0 before but am working on my first 7.1 site. I have figured out some nice customization techniques but have stumbled onto one that I would think would be easy but it has so far completely stumped me. You know how every page is made up of sections, and each section has a color theme assigned to it (white minimal, dark bold, etc)? Well I would like to assign a gradient background that only appears on the white minimal color themed sections. I have the css code to do the gradient as a background, I just don't know how to find the right class or id to assign it
  2. I am creating a new site with the Bedford template for a client and am working on the donation feature. On their old site they have it setup to send an email to the person that makes a donation and would like the same thing on their Squarespace site. I have worked to replicate their old email as much as I can using the Commerce > Customer Notifications section of the admin but have something that I am not able to replicate. At the top of the donation email, my client would like the customer's name and address to be listed. Their name is easy, since it is one of the 4 JSON variables listed
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