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    ulf reacted to michaeleparkour in Filter / categorise portfolio page through a summary block or gallery   
    Well, I believe my Universal Filter is best Squarespace Filter solution, and I may help you configure https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/universal-filter 
    But there are others around based on Isotope.js, also you may always use Isotope directly without purchasing plugins, just need some coding skills from you.
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    ulf got a reaction from Yeshen in Tell us about yourself and your business!   
    Hi all! I'm a photographer and web designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. The last 15 years I've been photographing Harley-Davidson motorcycles and events for a Swedish magazine, but since a couple of years I also do other photo gigs, including drone photography (DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air 2) and 360° virtual tours (Ricoh Theta Z1). My brand is OneManWork and this is my web site
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    ulf reacted to paul2009 in Displaying pictures based on categories   
    Create a blog page and use this as a container for the projects. Add each image as a thumbnail in each post. You can then add a category to each post and filter by them. 
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    ulf got a reaction from tuanphan in Displaying pictures based on categories   
    I hope someone can get me some advice how to solve this. Even though I have built a number of Squarespace sites I am still a newbie, and my CSS knowledge is close to zero.
    My problem is that I am building a site for an architect firm where one of the pages will show pictures of their projects, maybe 50-60 pictures. Those pictures will show different buildings such as Villas, Apartments, Schools, Restaurants etc. The pictures comes from a gallery and is shown in a grid, and my idea is to use the Category function in order to show either all pictures/categories at once or just one of the categories. The selection could be done by buttons above the pictures, or just text links.
    At the moment I have just put three categories on the page, ”Alla” (All), ”Villor och fritidshus” (Villas) and ”Bostäder” (Apartments), and here is the link to that page: https://klarkzenit.squarespace.com/projekttest-sida. Password: klarkzenit
    I have tried to follow the instructions in the Help Centers knowledge base, but I don’t quite get it 😫.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    //Ulf Engborg

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