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  1. Site URL: https://www.klarkzenit.se/ My customer wants to see the FB and IG logos in addition to the "Hamburger" menu icon in Brines mobile version. How can that be done? I can't find the solution in the Style Settings.
  2. Hi,

    One of my customers has a page on their website where their therapists are presented in a gallery by just a photo and name, and clicking a photo takes you to a deeper presentation page for respectively therapist. This is the page as it looks now: https://www.livingroomcc.se/teamet (without any filtering).

    My customer now wants a filter function so that a visitor can pick a specific category of therapeutic treatment, but they also want to have sub categories to further filter the therapist page.

    It should work something like this:

    1. Pick one of the main categories with a button.
    2. X number of subcategories are then shown in connection to the main category picked.
    3. Pick one subcategory, and this would automatically show only those therapists that has the chosen subcategory/qualification. 

    The number of sub categories may vary among the main categories, and some main categories might not have any sub category at all.

    I need help on the best way to do this. The template is Basil (Brine family).

    Would Universal Filter do the work?

    If it's not possible to achive the sub category filtering, would Universal Filter be the right way solving the first filtering?

    As my coding knowledge is close to zero, I'm gonna need you to implement this? Can you give me an estimated cost, please.

  3. Hi all! I'm a photographer and web designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. The last 15 years I've been photographing Harley-Davidson motorcycles and events for a Swedish magazine, but since a couple of years I also do other photo gigs, including drone photography (DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air 2) and 360° virtual tours (Ricoh Theta Z1). My brand is OneManWork and this is my web site
  4. Hi, I hope someone can get me some advice how to solve this. Even though I have built a number of Squarespace sites I am still a newbie, and my CSS knowledge is close to zero. My problem is that I am building a site for an architect firm where one of the pages will show pictures of their projects, maybe 50-60 pictures. Those pictures will show different buildings such as Villas, Apartments, Schools, Restaurants etc. The pictures comes from a gallery and is shown in a grid, and my idea is to use the Category function in order to show either all pictures/categories at once or just one of the categories. The selection could be done by buttons above the pictures, or just text links. At the moment I have just put three categories on the page, ”Alla” (All), ”Villor och fritidshus” (Villas) and ”Bostäder” (Apartments), and here is the link to that page: https://klarkzenit.squarespace.com/projekttest-sida. Password: klarkzenit I have tried to follow the instructions in the Help Centers knowledge base, but I don’t quite get it 😫. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. //Ulf Engborg
  5. Hey, On one of the sites I have designed the banner images has all of a sudden become much lower than they were recently. The template used is Basil and the site is https://livingroomcc.se Any idea would be highly appreciated. //Ulf
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