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  1. Hi, @TylerC. One final issue we just noticed -- this also affects banner heights for blog pages -- which simply adds a big block of blank space to the top of blog posts based on the manual height code. Is there any way of excluding this code for blog posts? Much appreciated!!
  2. Code 2) worked (with !important tag). Thanks @TaylorC! Unfortunately, the issue now is that it also affects responsive banner heights/rendering...any way of having this custom code only work with full-width site??
  3. Hi @TylerC. Thanks for the code. Unfortunately it didn't affect the banner height at all -- even with the !important tag. Could the code related to height be something other than #banner-area-wrapper?? Much appreciated.
  4. Hey @tylerc. Thanks for the response. It's the banner height we'd like to tweak. Sorry I wasn't clear!
  5. For the Harris template, you can select a variety of sizes for the banner, but the gap between small and medium is quite large. Is there any way to set a custom size for the banner that is somewhere between these two default template setting? Much appreciated!!
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