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  1. The new code works great, thank you @tuanphan
  2. Thanks @paul2009 How very encouraging, haha! Hope they do figure something out. So no way to get in the green (or at least yellow) just with on page optimisation?
  3. Site URL: http://wearecravingadventure.com/ Hi, In light of the upcoming google update, what is everyone doing to optimize their SS sites, especially blogs? What can be done to make the site faster besides optimizing images? Looking at my web core vitals in SC, I don't have a single url that passes as good! What can I do to change that? Would really appreciate some tips & helpful resources on the topic Thanks!
  4. I have removed the code since the comments didn't work. https://www.wearecravingadventure.com/blog/new-zealand/milford-sound
  5. I've tried this code and it does display the comment box however it is not possible to type into it so commenting is technically disabled. Any suggestions?
  6. You could download the stylesheet, change the fonts (find + replace) in there and re-upload, this should do the trick.
  7. Hi, I need to direct to a non-linked index page from the top-level folder. Any way to do that without code since the site is on the basic/personal plan? **Edit** I should add that the folder only contains links to sections in the index page and no real pages
  8. @tuanphan Is there a way to configure the script so that it only makes links to a certain root domain (for example amazon) no follow while the rest is dofollow?
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