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  1. I finally found how to make the captions appear below the image. It works on Bedford Template Thank you to @PINCUS **Note: the images have to be full frame, if they are cropped in the design feature area for the slideshow the caption is hidden ** Here is link to his answer and the code: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/14279/how-do-i-position-the-title-and-description-of-slideshow-images-below-the-images-rather-than-as-an-overlay.html
  2. @octopus "A link to your site is required." ?I need to defer to my client's request for privacy until the site is complete. But, thanks for the heads up !
  3. @octopus Surely better to add "I would like to know too" rather than asking the same question again and clogging up the forum? ----- The question by @christoph was extremely clear and understandable to me. ----- btw: What is the required information one needs to include to have a question answered ?
  4. Hi, I am using the slideshow block and am trying to make it so the captions show below the image, not overlaid on it. This below is the code I am seeing for when the text is 'overlaid on the image' . Any advice on how to change that (or add new code css ) so the caption appears beneath the image, and I would need to change font color too as the default appears to be white. Thanks for any help. .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow.sqs-gallery-block-meta-position-bottom .meta-inside { padding: 30px 20px 15px; }
  5. I would like to know too, I have tried both scripts and it still looks like the ugly silver one that's to the left
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