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  1. Thanks again @danieljs. It's getting there but still not all the way out to the edges. I am wondering if it would be better/possible to add a block ABOVE the top footer for my logos? Have you done that before?Cheers,Arran
  2. Thanks so much @danieljs . That worked except it doesn't go all the way across. It's more of a large white square. And text doesn't show up :) New password for you: 123456
  3. I am working on this site: https://perseverancetrailrun.squarespace.com (pwd: checkitout) And need to get the background colour on the middle footer to be white so that I can add a bunch of logo images. @danieljs I saw that you helped with a similar issue with regard to background colour but the CSS didn't work on this site. It may be because I don't know what the footer is called in the coding. Thanks for your help!
  4. I am building a new site for a non-profit using FAIRFIELD. They have all their race sponsor logos organized by size (more money donated = bigger logo). Is there a way to ensure that anyone working on the site can simply upload a photo in the correct section and have it resize to match the other images? Here is old site for reference: http://www.perseverancetrailrun.com/our-race-sponsors Thanks for your help. CheersArran
  5. Hello @Akshat01 I have recently used this code on my page and it works beautifully but now I want to have the answers indent a little to align with the text rather than the + and I would also love the links in the text to open in a new window but that option doesn't appear. Do you know how I might do that? Thanks!
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