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  1. Problem solved by Squarespace customer care. The place to add space is in Site Styles Page Padding slider.
  2. You must have magical abilities, Derrick. Since you responded, I found some options that I didn't see earlier. (Maybe I needed to clear my cache. 🙂 Got the archive going. Now I just need to figure out the spacing between the sidebar and the content in the blog. BTW, I see you live in a motorhome. Have you gone to the RTR?
  3. Thanks, Derrick. When I looked earlier, the Blog Styles wasn't there but now it is. However, it doesn't show how to add padding before the sidebar, so it is still overlapping with the content image on the left. Do you know how to get padding between the two? I'll need to find where to choose archive.
  4. Hi Derrick! I'm new to using Blog within the Avenue template. It just defaulted to this side bar on the right that has LATEST POSTS at the top. But I can't figure out how to: • change the width of the sidebar so that it does not overlay part of the posting • add a link to each blog post (now only a total of two) Here is a link to my website. Could you please take a look? janeyfritsche.com
  5. Hi Tuanphan, No, I haven't solved the problem. I still haven't figured out how to: • set the width of the summary list on the right so that it doesn't overlap the content on the left • add links in that summary list for each blog entry. I've been digging through copious amounts of info on the site, and nothing has helped. I'm using 7.0 Avenue.
  6. Site URL: http://www.janeyfritsche.com I just set up a blog for the first time today, and I thought it would automatically fill in the link on the right-hand Sidebar (for Avenue) with the latest post link. However, it is empty. The blog template shows some fake entries (see attachment below). I am confounded.
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