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  1. Through some trial and error, I found another solution and learned 2 things: 1 - Squaresapce doesn't use the same class/selector IDs for all templates -- not sure why this surprises me, but it does. 2 - when you have a CSS class with a space in it (as some of my template's classes do, then you have to call both words in the class separately. e.g., my footer nav's class was "footer-nav clear" but I had to {display: none;} for both .footer-nav and .clear. (put in Inject Code on the main Index page) <style> #footerBlocksTop, #footerBlocksMiddle, #footerBlocksBottom { display: none !important; } .sqs-announcement-bar-custom-location { display: none !important; } .Header, .Header--top { display: none !important; } .Header-inner, .Header-inner--bottom; { display: none !important; } .Header-inner, .Header-inner--bottom { display: none !important; } .Footer-inner, .clear { display: none !important; } </style>
  2. Hi Squarespace community, I've gone through the forums and tried the responses to many similar questions, but they are not working for my template (Rover, a derivative of Brine). I'm trying to build a sales page, so I need just this one index page to be header- and footer-free. The most common suggestion is to do something like: <style> #header, #footer, #preFooter, #MainNavigation { display: none !important; } </style> This works on templates like Pacific, but not on my template. For example, when I call #header { display: none; } on a Rover index page, it turns off the segment of the Index page that's named Header, instead of turning off my website's header. I'm happy to rename the segment to something else, but it doesn't make a difference. I have no segments named Footer, for example, and #footer { display: none; } doesn't change a thing. I've also tried to specifically call the Index page's collection-id (which I believe is: 576833e346c3c4e74c54887c), but this doesn't do anything, either. I have tried adding the CSS to both the Custom CSS box and the Inject Code box on the main Index page, as well as trying to add it to every segment of the Index page. No luck. The URL is http://www.createalchemy.com/kill-the-chaos Any ideas? Thanks so much for your time! Holly O.
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