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  1. @joshuacarl_ and @Laertides im so sorry this was so long ago. i have no idea how i got everything to work back then. I'm not a coder just some dude. But now on my website i have the nav bars fading away when scrolling down and fading back in when scrolling up. if you're interested in that i'll post the code below. good luck! happy coding! for custom css: header{ position: fixed; width: 100%; z-index: 9998; } main{ padding-top: 100px; } ajax{ z-index: 9999; } @media only screen and (max-width: 1000px){ main { padding-top: 0px; } } for advanced code injection: <script s
  2. OK so I figured it out thanks to this thread: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/100099/how-to-apply-sticky-navigation-in-native-template.html however there are some changes to be made, specifically with the moksha template. thanks to user @ybudianto for the answer in the linked thread. this goes into custom css header nav.fixed{ width: 100%; position: fixed; display: block; background-color: #FFC414; //prevent overlapping top: 0; left: 0; z-index: 9999; //also prevent overlapping } and this goes into footer code injection <script src="//
  3. so this is what i have in my custom css. it works with just the header but not with the header nav. header nav { position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; z-index: 99999; top: 0px;}
  4. furthermore, i guess this would be called "sticky" and i mean "sticky" rather than "fixed"
  5. So I have my logo top center at 500px and underneath it, centered, is my navigation bar. I would like to be able to scroll down, past the logo and then lock my navigation bar (along with the header color background) to the top of the screen so it's always there, across the whole site. I haven't yet found a custom css code that does all that. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I've uploaded two screenshots. The first representing the before, with the logo, and the second being the after, once you've scrolled down and the nav bar locks into place at the top. Thank you!
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