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  1. Hi Derrick, Thank you! I've been working with support and they keep pushing me to 7.1 as does a consultant I plan to use in the future. I'm still struggling to find the right template there. Maybe I am a bit more used to 7.0. If I go to 7.0 I'll definitely take your advice on the brine family. thank you!
  2. Site URL: http://bernardwaber.com/index.html Hi, I'm wondering if any experienced users would be willing to check my site, http://bernardwaber.com/index.html and suggest a good template. I am familiar with building a squarespace site and have been advised to work in 7.1. Does that make sense? I understand all templates are in the brine family. Carmine was suggested to me but I'm really not sure and not clear how to restyle if it doesn't work out. I'll be doing some reading there to get a feel. But if anyone has any ideas on a site that lends itself to the style of my current one I'd be grat
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