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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d like Squarespace to add a new feature. If I post a request here, will someone from Squarespace see it and respond?

No. Answers is a peer-to-peer forum for Squarespace customers. Squarespace monitors the forum only for spam and inappropriate content. Feature requests, improvement suggestions, and bug reports should all be filed with Squarespace Customer Care directly.

Q: If something on my site looks strange or is behaving oddly, can users on the forum solve the issue?

Sometimes, however for such cases, we advise contacting Squarespace Customer Care directly. Customer Care will have the most up-to-date information on bugs and outages, and can log into your site to thoroughly troubleshoot the issue at hand.

Common Forum Questions

Q: The site title or site logo on my site links to my homepage. I would like to link it to a different page. How can I achieve this?

This can be done by adding two snippets of code to your site, which @tazmeah provides in this post. This solution works consistently on all templates as of April 2018. Please note, for this solution (and other custom jQuery or Javascript code) to work, you will need to disable Ajax loading in your site’s Style Editor (if your template offers it).

Q: I’d like to change a color, font, or other style option on just one page of my site. How can I target a specific page?

CSS is required to limit a style change to a specific page, as Squarespace’s Style Editor applies changes sitewide. This CSS will be added to the built-in CSS Editor and the code will need to include the page’s Page ID. One of the forum’s advanced users, @Paul2009, published a detailed blog post that dives into how to locate your page’s ID and use that in your Custom CSS.

Q: The font I’d like to use isn’t available in the Style Editor, but I’ve found the font files online. How can I use this font on my site?

Uploading and using your own custom font on your site is done with Custom CSS. See @Pareto-Design‘s blog post (linked to in this Answers post) for a walkthrough on adding your own custom font.

Q: When I use a Folder to create a drop-down menu, clicking on the Folder title takes my visitors to the first page in the Folder. Can I change where this link goes? Or stop this behavior altogether, and just show the drop-down menu?

Yes, you can do either of these things. The answer on this post describes how to customize the link destination when someone clicks on your Folder title. This requires a minimal amount of HTML knowledge to implement. To disable the link on your Folder title, use the CSS outlined in this solution, and note the steps required to keep your Folder navigation behavior consistent in mobile.

Q: How can I keep text on my site from hyphenating automatically at line breaks?

You can disable the automatic hyphenation on your site using the CSS in this post. Be sure to first read Squarespace’s guide to how automatic hyphenation works on your site.

Q: How can I use expands to create an accordion-style FAQ?

You can do this with a combination of Squarespace’s Markdown Block and a few lines of Javascript/jQuery. Forum user and professional Squarespace site designer @silvabokis details how to add show/hide expands to your site in this post.

Q: How can I redirect to another page when a visitor submits their form?

You can do this by adding a snippet of HTML to the Form Block’s “Post-Submit HTML” field. Check out @geekgirlweb’s answer on this post to find a working code snippet.

Q: How can I specify that a style change appear only on mobile or desktop?

For a CSS change to appear only on a specific screen size, like mobile or desktop, you’ll need to wrap your custom CSS in a media query. In this post, forum user @GRSM shares a brief intro to media queries and how to use them on Squarespace sites. As a note, many of Squarespace’s newer templates include mobile-specific styling options and allow you to customize your mobile breakpoint, so you may not need to use custom CSS to make your change.

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