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    PeterCBlanchard got a reaction from Inscape in Force all external links into a new tab?   
    This only works if you are coding the link yourself. You can't put that stuff in the Clickthrough URL for an image . . . when I try it tells me to please enter a valid URL.
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    PeterCBlanchard reacted to tuanphan in How change color of SOLD status?   
    .product-mark.sold-out { background: red !important; color: violet !important; }  
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    PeterCBlanchard reacted to ccbjan in Bedford: Changing the banner height?   
    I’ve been trying to change the banner/header height in the Bedford template by inserting this in the CSS editor but it’s not yielding any results.

    #collection-xxxxx #banner-thumbnail-wrapper { height: 50px; }
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what else can be done? I would also like to be able to edit the height of the banner when it’s a slideshow.
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    PeterCBlanchard reacted to charley in Bedford: Hide Page Sidebar?   
    Bedford template - According to the 'Read Me' you can hide the page sidebar that displays when you set up pages in a folder via the nav.
    Anyone know how to hide this? Cheers
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    PeterCBlanchard reacted to nathan.j.p in Bedford: Fixed navigation?   
    I am trying to have the navigation bar on Bedford be fixed. How can I make that happen?
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