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    dom_1080 got a reaction from IntrepidQuixote in How do you make a dropdown navigation folder clickable?   
    For anyone on the dev platform , this is what I did on the Five Template.
    I edited the main.nav block as followes, I can't remember exactly what I changed as I don't have the before and after but I think the bold text JSON may have been the only alteration. This will cause the folder link to automatically trigger the folder URL.

    <a href="{collection.fullUrl}" {.if folderActive} class="active-folder"{.end}>{collection.navigationTitle}/ Whilst being exactly what we want for those with hover functionality, it's a problem if you're on a touch device . However I don't think Jquery is necessary to fix it - just a simple bit of CSS taking advantage of Squarespace's inbuilt Modernizr capabilities.
    .touch #main-navigation ul .folder-collection > a { pointer-events:none}
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