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  1. Right.


    This is where I feel like an idiot.

    In the past, I'd always used the '+' symbol in the top right of a page when adding content blocks. I have never once realised you could click on those lines to do the same thing. In 7.1 when the '+' disappeared from the interface I looked absolutely everywhere for a solution. Never found one, and now I know why no one else was having the same problem. That's what I get for thinking I wasn't an average user.

    Well that's me sorted, then. Cheers, @paul2009, for broadening my horizons considerably.

  2. Thanks to both of you guys for your replies.

    @ThompsonWebDesign I'll definitely look into switching to monthly and cancelling that way. It seems so strange having to do such a convoluted workaround like that, when before you could switch templates back and forth no problem. I get the coding and behind-the-curtain stuff is different between 7 and 7.1, but I'm not looking to copy a page over but simply begin again on a different template.

    The main thing I miss is the ability to add and edit content blocks. I'm a graphic designer, and having no freedom to put in my own spaces, or images, or text blocks, or really add any single item how I would like is super frustrating. 7.1 is definitely more streamlined for the average user with little to no design background or knowledge, but the ridiculously limited customisation is quite a step backward for me.

    Unless I'm way off base? Is there a tick box somewhere that opens up the option to place blocks myself, or a button hiding somewhere in 'edit' mode? All I've been able to find is the pre-designed page sections (they look great, honest, but aren't usually what I have in mind). Paying for my own website and then being unable to make it my way is not a pleasant experience.

  3. Can I switch* to an older template without having to pay again? Already paid for a 7.1 site, but am now realising how limited editing is compared to the previous version (adding custom code blocks, using Mailchimp for newsletter signups, even the simple things like adding a spacer or image, etc.). I've currently got a Personal Plan and just want to go back and start over with a template from version 7 instead of 7.1, but don't want to pay again. Is this possible?

    *I realise that I can't actually 'switch' but would need to go and start from scratch, but I'm willing to do that if it gives me more control.

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