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  1. Hi,

    I'm really desperate for some help with a problem issue I need to solve to finish my site. I've tried scouring forums but can't find a solution anywhere. 

    I've got a slideshow gallery on the home page, but on smaller screens such as mobiles or ipads, the gallery images are cut-off so only the centre of the image appears. I would like the images to shrink to fit the frame, so at least most of the image appears. I'm open to the design of the gallery (full-bleed etc), as long as most of the image appears on all screen sizes. 

    If anyone is able to suggest some code or another solution I'd be hugely appreciative! The site is: https://platinum-orange-8f4p.squarespace.com/, password: web1234

    Thanks a lot,


  2. Hello,

    I've got a page of poster image blocks with text overlaid, and want the text to only appear when you hover over the image. 

    This is the site: https://platinum-orange-8f4p.squarespace.com/config/pages. Password to view: web1234 (still in beta mode)

    I want it to look a bit like the 'productions' page here. http://clearstory.co.uk/

    Or here: http://www.springfilms.tv/work/

    Any suggestions for code would be much appreciated



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