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Posts posted by miroslav013

  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering is there a way trough coding to add shipping weight to the order export, at the moment this is not possible and it is important for order fulfillment?

    There are two hacks one figured out by me and other I got from support.

    1. Add shipping weight to the SKU SQ0788669-0.25 and later separate it in excel 

    2. Add shipping weight as an internal not not so good, it requires cleaning

    How do you solve this issue?


  2. Hello guys, did someone had issue with imported products?

    When I want to add them in summary field they are named imported products. I have tried to see where I can  change that name. 
    I see that those products are in the folder /imported-products/ and when I can't change that.

    Thank you

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