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    mycreativecondition reacted to xstitchboutique in Deleted product images don't disappear.   
    Thank you for replying Tiana.  I ended up contacting customer service and they helped me figure that out.  Works great!  Annoying that it does not delete automatically and is an extra step, but at least I figured it out.
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    mycreativecondition got a reaction from paul2009 in Custom Checkout   
    I am interested in the exact same solution, however my site is on 7.1 and the Wishlist extension posted above is not yet compatible. However, they are working on it. Any chance @ThompsonWebDesign you know of someone who could achieve a similar custom edit for 7.1? I'm needing it in the next month. I've reached out to @paul2009 via email as well. 
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    mycreativecondition reacted to ljelson in Custom Checkout   
    I'm looking to create a website to showcase products and services in a similar style to an online store (offering products, descriptions, prices, etc). I want customers to be able to select the products they desire. These products are stored in a basket (or similar). When a customer has selected all of the products/services that they are interested in they can proceed to "checkout". However, it is at this point where the solution differs from a traditional online store. Instead of checkout and payment i'd like the customers to be presented with a "submit" option, which takes all of the items they've selected, prompts for contact details, and submits these into a queue so i can review and contact the customer to discuss further.
    I have been advised that this functionality is not currently a feature within squarespace, however was advised that this forum may be able to advise a way that this could be achieved.
    Any help is very much appreciated, and i'm happy to provide more information/clarity if required.
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    mycreativecondition reacted to Lewis_K_Smith in Adding tags and categories to blog posts in 7.1   
    I had this exact same issue today and support wasn't sure either. However, I managed to figure it out!
    You need to select blog post title above the header. Not very intuitive. See below:

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