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  1. Can anyone help :)

    I am using the ISHIMOTO template and have set up a page with a grid gallery.

    When clicking on the images a lightbox appears with the persons name and biog which is great. (Desktop version).

    BUT when using it on a mobile version the photo appears and you have to hit a little grey dot in the bottom right hand corner to make the name and biog appear.

    This is a bit tricky as the grey dot isn't very visible and I would prefer the text to appear automatically in mobile.

    Is there a way around this? With CS code etc?

    Please please help!

  2. Using Ishimoto template and the footer text stays right justified in mobile view? In the template it should go centred in mobile view.

    Does anyone please please have a CS code to make this happen?

    Its really bugging me :(

    https://caper-sunflower-8dpc.squarespace.comPassword: incartists

    Site is missing videos at the moment which is why it may look weird :)

  3. This is driving me crazy :( The template I was using had this function but once I customised the font it now just stays right justified which is great when not in mobile view but I need it centred for mobile :/ Does anyone know any code that would work?

    Also how can you re size the font in the mobile dropdown ?Please Help



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