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    terryrayment got a reaction from NoelM in How do I display background video in HD only?   
    Having the same issue, only with video. The background banner video seems to default to a pretty low playback quality.
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    terryrayment reacted to VUELA in Where do I upload JavaScript files?   
    this is a ridiculous workflow to simply upload files
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    terryrayment reacted to tuanphan in Checkout Cart Icon   
    add to Home > Design > Custom CSS
    body:not(#collection-5ddd7262d57b5f006a841edc) .header-actions-action--cart { display: none; }  
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    terryrayment reacted to tuanphan in Checkout Cart Icon   
    You want hide cart icon on all pages, except shop page?
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    terryrayment reacted to colin.irwin in CSS code video background   
    This plugin will get you most of the way. https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/background-videos-utils
    It forces the mobile fallback image to show when video is preloading on desktop. The fallback will also show on mobile. 
    I don't think it turns the loop control off but the author of the plugin @michaeleparkour can confirm that. 
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    terryrayment reacted to gif_egg in show and hide gif when hovering over text   
    I'm looking to add a gif when you hover over text on my site like this https://caterinabianchini.com/
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