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    missyranger reacted to brandon in Summary title character limit   
    There are a few possibilities when attempting to solve the "equal height columns" problem (a common challenge in HTML for a long time).
    Use JavaScript to find the tallest of the columns and then set all other column heights explicitly. This also requires the function to run on browser/screen resize. This is what Colin mentioned. Use Flexbox or CSS Tables Rig up something using text-overflow: ellipses. Selecting the best approach varies with each use-case, and within each use case, the specific code and CSS selectors will vary further. In order to provide code for a specific case such as yours, it's usually necessary to provide the link to the site/page in questions (and the view-only password for sites in trial mode).
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    missyranger reacted to colin.irwin in Excluding blog posts image block from CSS   
    Try this
    body:not(.collection-type-blog.view-item) { .sqs-block-image .intrinsic { margin-left: 0px !important; } }  
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