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  1. Hi, I think the work around for this would to create each company a page like you stated but then add a summary block on each from one main store page with a filter to only should the category for that specific business. Then I would turn off pagination so that the business would not be able to see each others products/other artwork (essentially blocking then from clicking to a different category).
  2. Hi Bigevil, you might have already figured this out by now but I thought I's go ahead and provide a reply. With a Commerce subscription you can opt to have a account login link/button added to your website header/navigation but you can also manually add links for customers to login or register for accounts. Here are links from one of my websites; however, just use your domain with the same forwarding extensions. Hope that answers your question. https://www.usadinedirect.com/account/login/ https://www.usadinedirect.com/account/login/create
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