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    kelcorbett got a reaction from urswestermann in Flatiron: Reduce padding between the header and site content?   
    I’m using the Flatiron template, how would I reduce the padding between the header and the content below it?
    There are tonnes of questions on the forum for this, but none of the code snippets I’ve found have actually worked for me. I’ve tried using this, which does work:

    .image-block { margin: -40px 0px -20px 0px; }
    However I have an image gallery on one of my pages and it does not work for that unfortunately.
    Can anyone help with this? If there’s a way to do it via adding the code to the Page Header Code Injection in the individual pages that would be absolutely perfect. Failing that if I need to add it to the custom CSS section that’s fine too.
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