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    danschenker reacted to Margiada56 in Tell us about yourself and your business!   
    Hi, guys! Excited to join this group. I'm the Content Manager for a soft plastic fishing bait manufacturer and shoot all the product for our product catalog, online store, and advertising, but in my "free time" I'm a food writer and photographer. Like a lot of you, I'm in a transitional stage and I'm looking to move toward shooting commercially for people in the food and beverage industry.
    My food blog/photography portolio site is: http://www.foodnwhine.com/

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    danschenker got a reaction from Margiada56 in Tell us about yourself and your business!   
    This could be fun! I'm a semi-pro based in northern New Jersey. I mainly get hired for small events and weddings, but I like to incorporate unconventional or niche styles into my work, like aerial drone and 360º photography. I'm here if you want to connect: www.danschenker.com

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