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Video Block: Disable YouTube "Related Videos" showing when the video ends?



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To disable YouTube's "Related Videos" from showing up when using a YouTube URL, add ?rel=0 at the end of your URL.


Before pasting into Squarespace, add ?rel=0 to the URL:


Note: You can paste the original URL into the Squarespace Video Block FIRST, and then add your ?rel=0 at the end, but make sure that Squarespace "refreshes" the video in your post. If it doesn't refresh, Squarespace will not pick up your change (adding the ?rel=0). A quick trick I do is paste in your normal URL, then type ?rel=0 at the end of the URL, then "Select All", "Cut" and "Paste" into the box. This removes the URL from the Squarespace Video Block, which removes the video in your post, then adds in the correct video with the disabled Related Videos code.

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When embedding video with the Squarespace Video Block, you'll notice that grabbing any Youtube Video's URL, including the official Youtube "Share" Link, will normally cause Youtube to display "Related Videos" at the end.

This is because Youtube doesn't offer a quick way to disable that when using the Share URL like they do when you use the Embed Code.

So after you grab your Youtube Share URL and paste it into your Squarespace Video Block, add this directly to the end:


Normal Youtube Share Link Example:

What it should look like in Squarespace (add the ?rel=0 yourself).

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Here is the bit: Fight back with MS... Use Windows Movie Maker to edit your videos and at the end ((since the 'pause' option has been disabled in the Annotation area)) simply use the ^Credits^ option to extend the life of your video to thwart off that nasty 'Related Videos' ending section in Youtube--Just Delete any "Credit" text and leave as black/blank screen. Save your viewership

Works Everywhere;-)

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Thank you, works great. Do you know of a way to force it back to the thumbnail?

Also, when the video starts, there is occasionally a small ad that appears on the left bottom. It can be x-ed out, but is there a way to stop it from appearing in the first place?

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I noticed that when you add this code in, it disables the playback controls for Youtube....or at least that's what I'm seeing. When I follow the steps to add in the code, I then add in the embedded code to see the player controls, but then the suggest videos shows up again.

Any work around for this?

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So far (and I have just started with this), I have found that ?rel=0 works when you insert a video in any page - with the exception of the video gallery facility (which is rather a shame).

When I Google this I notice that people using other web template solutions (Wordpress etc) sometimes have a similar problem. Some have suggested that something in the gallery code overrides the modified URL. I don't code so I don't know but in at least one of the Google links I read, users indicated that when you insert a URL and add ?rel=0, the gallery verifies and modifies the url to correct it and thereby enable the adverts. I don't code - but I guess you can look at the underlying code and see if it matches exactly the URL you have entered in the gallery - or if it has been modified.

In fairness, YouTube is free for us to use and the revenue to operate comes from advertising. Perhaps there be a 'code of practice' operated by template providers that they will enable advertising in a gallery. I don;t know, but whatever the reason, ?rel=0 seems to work fine on any page in my site - with the exception of the video gallery. So the answer maybe to create a video page without using the gallery function.

[i am not an expert and I don't do coding. I am just sharing my experience so far]

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The post linked below has a video that clearly demonstrates how to remove recommended videos after a embedded Youtube video finishes in Squarespace.


The key part I had been missing is that you have to insert the iframe code by clicking where the pointer is hovering in this screenshot from the post's explanatory video. (Sorry: grainy video --> grainy screenshot.)

alt text


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Hi @jasonbarone, I made a video tutorial for you on how to Disable Youtube "Related Videos" showing. Hope this helps! https://www.askquesty.com/squarespace-answers/disable-youtube-related-videos-showing-squarespace-tutorial

Have Squarespace questions/task and need help today? **You can hire us here.** Our answers are on-demand, video recorded, and only cost between $5 to $25. Estimates are free, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and trusted by hundreds of small businesses.

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We published a blog post on this topic a while ago. https://www.simpleandsoulful.com/blog/how-to-embed-a-video-onto-your-squarespace-website-the-classy-way. and have recently updated it. If you don't want to step away from YouTube completely, you can use a simple workaround to only display related videos from your channel. This is better than nothing, but still gives visitors the opportunity to click away from your website and on to YouTube. We find this works for our clients in some instances, but when we are building a homepage, landing page or a sales page where you definitely don't want to lose or distract visitors, we recommend using a Vimeo Plus account. 

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I was able to remove the suggested video on Youtube and have my embedded video return to the thumbnail by adding "?rel=0" to the end of my share link. I was not using an embed code. I already had about 8 videos on my site that were showing suggested videos at the end. I didn't delete the videos or the share link. I simply clicked "edit" page, clicked the pencil icon over the video I wanted to remove the suggestion and in the video url I added "?rel=0" to the end. I had to re uncheck the "use custom thumbnail" and then clicked "apply". 

It worked perfectly!

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18 hours ago, CanadaSue said:

@Drewcifer, I just did exactly that, took the share link from my Youtube vid and added "?rel=0" onto the end, and all I get is Invalid video embed.  Is yours still working?


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